Three Reasons To Get Full Service At A Tire Shop

When your tire blows out, you will need to get it replaced right away. Having a tire that is flat or is balding out on the road can lead to a possible wreck or the car easily hydroplaning. If you are in need of a new tire or a new set of tires, you should go to a tire shop to check out your options. Along with purchasing a tire, it is in your best interest to get a full-service repair at the tire shop. This includes purchasing a brand new tire or tire set, removing your old tire, and applying the new tire to the car. Here are three reasons why you should go with the full-service option at the tire shop. 

The shop can offer you a warranty

Often, shops that are authorized dealers for certain tire brands are the only places that can offer you a warranty on the tire. The tire shop is also able to offer a warranty on the work. The warranty for the work insists that the work, meaning the changing of the tire, was performed properly. If you have an issue with the tire or the bolts later on, you can come back to the tire shop to have it checked and have any replacement work performed. 

You can get in and out

Although you may know how to change a tire, it will take a longer time to change a tire on the side of the road or in a parking lot, than it would for a professional. Allowing professionals to change the tire make sure that the tire is appropriately sized and that all of your nuts and bolts are placed back on safely. This will get you in and out of the shop in less time than it would take to purchase the tire and change it on your own. 

They can let you know of any damage

If you had to drive on a flat, you could damage the axle of your vehicle. You may also have other damage to the rim of your car and not know about it. Having a professional remove your tire and place a new one on the car will give them a chance to perform a visual inspection of the car's wheel systems. If there is damage, you can get it fixed or make an appointment with your tire repair professional to keep further wheel problems at bay.