3 Ways To Make Sure You're Getting A Quality Auto Collision Shop

Having your car end up out of commission due to an accident can leave you reeling. You, of course, will want to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible, and that will likely require help from a local auto collision repair shop. That said, it's important that you find the right shop for the job and don't just select the first one you find or the one your insurance company suggests. Here are three ways to help ensure that you are getting a quality auto collision shop with the experience and trustworthiness you need to get the job done right.

Ask About Their Insurance Coverage

Normally when you think about insurance around cars, you think of your own auto policy. But there's another type of insurance you should make sure is active before you hand over your keys, and that's insurance that the auto shop is carrying. Will the repair shop cover your car if it is accidentally damaged in any way while it's being serviced? If you are looking at an extensive repair job, it could be days or even weeks before you get your car back. What happens if there is a fire or a robbery at the repair shop in the meantime? You want to feel confident when you drop your car off that the situation will only improve from here.

Take a Hard Look Around

Yes, this seems like a no-brainer; of course you are going to look around before you drop your car off, but there are some things in particular that you should watch out for. How clean is the shop? Does the shop seem like it keeps its paperwork in order? If you have to wait for the mechanic to talk to another customer, listen to how they interact and how they explain the work that is being completed. 

You are, above all else, looking for a sense of professionalism in everything the shop does. Some operations might advertise super cheap prices for repairs, but they also might not have the most professional vibe. You want to leave your car with someone that you have absolute trust in, so open your eyes and really look before you make your final decision.

Get a Specific Timeline

Finally, make sure you get a specific date from the shop as to when the car will be repaired. They might have to speak in general terms if they are ordering parts, but there should still be a date they can guarantee it by. Ask how many other customers are ahead of you as well. A quality shop never overbooks and is usually pretty good and meeting expectations when it comes to time, whereas a fly-by-night operation might try to take on as many repairs as possible to pad their numbers, even if the customer has to wait longer.

Contact a local auto collision repair shop, like Collisions Plus Performance, today to get started.